• Image of Gore Noir Magazine Issue #14 Return of the Living Dead 30th Tribute!

This issue is going to be amaze-balls!! We are celebrating the 30th anniversary of Return of the Living Dead! Check out the interviews and articles with some of the biggest names in ROTLD! William Stout the man who created Tarman! (along with all the other iconic zombies). Allan Trautman, who played Tarman on screen! Yes we discuss ROTLD with Tarman himself! Linnea Quigley aka Trash herself! You know that hot chick that did the awesome dance on the grave? The iconic scream queen? Yup she's in here!! COVER ART BY MONK ONE!

Gore Noir Magazine Issue #14 contains features on the following artists, entities, and more:

Munk One
William Stout
Allan Trautman (Tarman)
Linnea Quigley
Glen Hetrick
Vince Ripper and the Rodent Show
Pallbearer Press
and more to be announced!

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